A Comparison Of The Best Makers Of Electric Shavers: Braun, Panasonic Or Philips

Even though there are numerous electric shaving products in the market today, three stand out head and shoulders above the rest. These are the Braun, Panasonic and Philips shavers. Knowing the shaver’s features of the three top makers of electric shavers could assist us to determine which maker offers the best product in this space. That being said, it is important to note that each product is created to be unique in its own way. Even for those that are meant to compete directly. Given this, it would be best to learn what exactly you should look out for when choosing your best electric shaver.

For starters, there are basically 2 types of electric shavers in the market today. These are the foil shavers and the rotary shavers. These are primarily differentiated by how they work. While foil shavers employ oscillating blades to cut hair, rotary shavers normally have three rotating blades that are placed in a triangle on the shaving head. Most shavers come with a feature that allow for trimming of beards. A foil shaver has this feature on the side of the head. A rotary shaver, on the other hand, has it on the flip side of the head. For those who like their beards or moustaches trimmed in a particular way, look for a shaver that has a precision trimmer.

Braun Electric Shavers

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver SystemThese shavers are known for their comfort. They are foil shavers. Braun’s  Series 7 shavers are touted to provide the closest shave. This series also boasts about being the only shaver with 3 different modes: extra-sensitive, normal and intensive. It has a feature that lifts and cuts hair in all problems areas like under the chin, as well as along the jaw line. The head pivots, allowing it to move along the contours of your face. This shaver includes a precision trimmer which makes it ideal for those who want to achieve a particular detail on their moustache or beard. These shavers can self-clean in under 25 seconds and can also be wet cleaned. All they need is one hour to charge fully, after which they can be used for up to 50 minutes until its next recharge. Their latest is the Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System.


The series 5, 3 and 1 Braun shavers offer the same features but are not as advanced as the series 7. Except for the series 1, all other Braun shavers can be used in the shower. They make use of a lithium battery that allows them to work when plugged in and without being plugged in to a power source. The series 5 and 3 shavers also take an hour to fully charge. This charge lasts only slightly shorter than the series 7 before they need recharging: 45 minutes. Styling is very easy with this brand of electric shavers.

Panasonic Electric Shavers

Panasonic ES-LV61-A Men’s 5-BladePanasonic products are well known for their power. These foil shavers make use of a linear drive system which means they can shave at very high speed, typically 13000 rpm. The ES8243A model as an example at 13,000 rpm and would only cost around $100 which gives you the best bang for your buck. The great thing about Panasonic shavers is that they can shave even the thickest beards and will keep up their momentum up until the battery needs recharging. Most of them can be used dry, with shaving creams or even in the shower. The ES-LA93 model with 14k rpm motor is also a great shaver from Panasonic to look at. It comes with a shaving head that pivots 360 degrees. This allows plenty of comfort while shaving.  And if you were accustomed to using the double or triple blade, Panasonic has done one better. The latest out of their table is the Panasonic ES-LV61-A and Panasonic ES-LV81-K with the automatic cleaning and charging system. It still has the same power all their shavers are famed for (even better at 14,000 rpm) and with the five stainless steels blades, it ensures a closer shave with less irritation.

Phillips Norelco Electric Shavers

Philips Norelco 1280X42 SensoTouch 3dThese shavers are all about cutting edge tech design. Of the three, only this particular kind is a rotary shaver. They have three blades on the shaving heads that promise a closer cut. Phillips unveiled its latest and most innovative shaver so far, the Phillips SensoTouch 3D. The head is flexible meaning even those hard to reach areas are easily accessible. This particular series comes with an Aquatec seal which gives one the choice between dry shaving and wet shaving. It too has the lift and cut feature. For every sixty minute charging session the Phillips SensoTouch line will work for up to 60 minutes until it needs to be recharged again. The charger doubles up as a shaver holder. The older Phillips shaver models do not differ much from the latest line. However, the shaver holder does not act as a charger for the Norelco and PowerTouch lines.


Final Thoughts

The debate about which brand is the best has raged on for quite some time now. Neither one of these brands of electric shavers can be identified as the most superior. Each one has its advantages. What it comes down to is what experience a consumer has with each types of shaver. If they can provide a closer cut without causing irritation, then there you definitely have your winner.

Top 3 Brands of Electric Shavers

Men have plenty of choices when it comes to electric shavers; the Braun shavers, Panasonic shavers or Norelco shavers by Philips. This article highlights the features of the three most popular brands in the market. The Braun brand is known for its comfort, the Panasonic for its power and the Phillips for its high tech design. Every one of these shavers does a good job of getting rid of facial hair. It all just depends on what suits your personal preferences.

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