Best Electric Shave Lotions for Men

Not so long ago it was the norm for men to grow facial hair. Of course, some guys still like to beast out and grow that grizzly beard and mustache to huge proportions, however most women and employers now prefer well-groomed, clean-cut men. Facial hair does not make you suave and cool guys. It does not make you manlier. In fact, you’ll probably end up getting tons of food in it! So cut that hair off and get that clean-cut baby face back – you won’t regret doing so!

man using electric shaverBe practical and get rid of that facial hair using your best electric razor. Far less hassle than manual wet shaving, electric shavers these days can provide a super-close shave in half the time, with minimal effort and less occurrences of nicks and cuts with less to no irritation.

For men that are switching into a different shaving method could experience a bit of irritation, especially on their first 3 weeks. Luckily there are ways to minimize the discomfort of shaving, thanks to the prevalence of high quality pre-shave and post-shave lotions.

By applying pre-shave oil is an advantage as it softens your facial hair, as well as open the skin pores that ensures a closer shave. When choosing the right pre-shave oil and cream, take into consideration if they use natural oils like the: sunflower, coconut, olive and other oils from plants. Compared with mineral oil, the natural oils have less grease factor that will not clog skin pores and won’t cause damage to the skin. Furthermore, have a look at pre-shave oils which have antibacterial agents because it could help guard against breakouts as well as painful cuts.

The shaving foams and creams are similar but shaving foams contains more air that comes in a can while shaving cream comes in a small tube or bottle. Their advantage is that it rinses easily from the blades while shaving. They both soften whiskers just like the shaving oils but they moisturize and lubricate your skin as well. For optimal results, massage the shaving creams or foams into the skin area using a shaving brush or your hands within a full minute.

(Note that everyone has different skin, people with more sensitive skin should use only products that use natural ingredients)

Pre Shave Goodies

A huge number of guys will skip over using pre-shave materials when switching to electric shaving. Don’t be one of these guys especially if your skin is sensitive. Pre-shave products will help you keep your skin moist throughout the shaving process, ensuring minimal irritation and no redness. Most of these products come with antibacterial agents that will help prevent cuts from getting infected. Hundreds of shaving products are currently out on the market, so, to save you sometime here’s the best of the best.

1)      Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave – helps prevent bumps and nicks, and is easy  to wash off

2)      Taconic Shave Unscented Organic Pre-shave – will leave you skin feeling fresh and clean after the job’s done. Made using the finest organic oils in the world

3)      Proraso Pre-Shaving Cream – smells great and it is great! Will help to prevent bumps and nicks and leave you feeling clean and fresh after your shave

4)      American Crew Essential Shave Oil – contains 12 natural oils that feel just amazing on your skin. Penetrates pores and revitalizes the skin immediately after your shave.

5)      Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Oil – if good things come in small packages then this would be the number one electric pre-shave product. Made from only essential oils.


After Shave

Compare that old shaving cream you have been using, after you use these products you’ll never go back to it anyway. Using these products will prevent acne, rashes and help your face quickly heal from any of those nasty little nicks.

1)      Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion – it’s oil-free yet still moisturizes the face. Also free of artificial dyes, and can heal dry skin while instantly soothing irritations.

2)      Menne Afta Pre-electric Shave Lotion with Skin conditioner – this is an inexpensive choice that does well at reducing skin irritation. Extremely easy to apply and use.

3)      Oxy Post-Shave Lotion – this is the ultimate post-shave product for guys who have acne problems. Helps prevent and reduce pimples.

4)      Nivea for Men Post Shave Replenishing Balm – an excellent, if slightly expensive balm that helps moisturize your face after shaving. Great for men who have dry skin.

5)      Paco Rabanne One Million After Shave – in our opinion, the absolute best-smelling post-shave product currently on the market. Guaranteed to get the attention of women!

man moisturizing his face after shave


In order to use these products, simply wash your face with warm water and then apply them gently to your face. Afterwards, slap on some regular shaving creams, and do what you gotta’ do (shave that beard).  While shaving it is best to regularly rinse the razor so it will continuously glide on your skin. Once done, don’t forget to quickly rinse your face with water, before applying your post-shave lotion to minimize irritation and feel clean and fresh for longer.

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