Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System: Review


Shaving Made Clean and Comfortable

The Braun Series 7 790cc electric shaver uses the intelligent Pulsonic Technology that has up to 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. Making the razor to cut more strands of hair in just a few strokes. With this power, it can give you a clean shave regardless how thick your hair is.

Three Personalization Modes

This shaver can accommodate the every need of its users from a shaver, no matter how different its users can be. With Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive Modes, it can be adjusted according to the user’s preferences. No matter the kind of skin and hair you have, there is an individual setting that can give you the shave expected from this high quality product.

Lifts and Cuts Flat Lying Hair

Braun’s ActiveLift technology effectively cuts all the hair in certain areas, even those strands lying flat on your skin. These hair strands usually make shaving a frustrating experience. With the middle trimmer of this shaver functioning at 130 movements per second, these hair strands that you usually miss are lifted and cut properly, just like normal growing hair. These hair strands are usually found around the neck, which most men find difficult to shave especially for those with thicker hair.

A Closer Shave

The OptiFoil technology is yet another innovation from Braun, with a design that makes it possible to get a closer shave. After over 50 years of research and development, Braun has finally came up with OptiFoil technology. This technology is specifically designed for the razor surface to consist of more holes, addressing the need to capture more hair strands and cut each one closer.


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Convenient Cleaning and Recharging

With the Clean and Renew system, you can now easily clean, charge, lubricate and dry your shaver all in one go. It also uses the Fast Clean technology that efficiently cleans the shaver in only 25 seconds, a whole lot faster than manually cleaning it yourself.

Upgrades in Braun 7 790cc vs. Braun 7  760cc

Both shavers are quite similar since these two shavers from the Braun Series 7 incorporate the same technology shaving system and offer the same functions. With the Braun 7 790cc, you could see an upgrade with its advanced clean & renew system, as well as the more detailed display panels compared to the previous Braun Series 7 760cc model. Braun shavers really go for comfort in shaving.

  • The newer 790cc model from Braun series 7 offers an LCD display which shows the remaining battery charge and the level of cleanliness of this shaver. Compared to the 7 760cc model, it only shows the 3 blocks indicator that shows low, medium, and max level of the battery charge.
  • The 7 790cc model has two 6 blocks indicators. One with 6 blocks indicating the battery charged level that’s really useful to tell the amount of charge left especially from a full 50 minute charge. The other one w/6 blocks indicator that shows the hygienic level of this shaver. This is very useful to know which cleaning system eco, normal or intensive that this shaver is likely to run as well as how long the shaver should be kept in its clean & renew unit. The clean & renew system simply selects the appropriate cleaning method to renew this shaver into a full hygiene level.
  • Braun series 7 790cc has a fast clean mode feature in its clean & renew system which is useful should the shaver be washed out quickly, as fast as 25 seconds, before shaving.

Those are great upgrades to have from Braun Series 7. Also the price between the 7 790cc and 7 760cc model isn’t far from each other since the Braun 7 790cc’s price has come down.

Compare Price: Braun 7 790cc and Braun 7 760cc


Color, Dimension and Weight

The Braun Series 7 790cc comes in silver and black, for that stylish yet classic look. At only 2.7 lbs, it measures 10.1 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches, for that lightweight and space saving design.

Added Features

The Braun Series 7 790cc is waterproof, means you can wash it under running water but not applicable for wet shaving. Though its best used for dry shaving. There is also no need to worry when you must recharge its batteries. It has an easy to read LCD that lets you know what the status of your battery is, and when it’s time to plug it in. Charging it to its maximum capacity only takes an hour, but it can give you up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving. If you’re in a hurry, a simple 5-minute charge would be enough for an entire shaving session. It also has a long hair trimmer, making it more convenient for you to maintain your sideburns, mustache and beard.

Included Accessories

Each package comes with the Clean and Renew system, a cleaning cartridge, a protective travel pouch, a cleaning brush and a Smart Plug (100V to 240V). These accessories are useful for those who frequently need to travel.

Product Pros

  • Three personalization modes make this product a versatile shaver for different kinds of hair
  • It’s made of durable materials, making it last longer
  • Ergonomic design
  • Closer shave than other electric shavers
  • Little to no skin irritation and nicks or cuts
  • Easy to maneuver around mustaches, goatees and other similar facial hair
  • Efficient automatic cleaning which can leave fresher scents

Product Cons

  • Difficulty in using the trimmer for some users, requiring to get a separate trimmer
  • It is pricey as expected, but somehow the price manages to go down from time to time

Consumer Ratings

For users who have tried a wide range of electric shavers before, the Braun Series 7 790cc comes out on top, according to most of them. A few buyers said once you have given your hair and skin enough time to get used to the system, it gives you the easiest and most comfortable shave you can possibly get.

Although some think the trimmer is awkward to use, using a separate trimmer can do the trick.  This would be no big deal said one buyer, especially once you realize what a good shave it can give you. It cuts all the hair that you want to get rid of without damaging your skin, leaving your skin smooth and whisker-free. Although it seems to be a bit more expensive than other shavers, this shaver definitely is worth it, considering the efficiency of use and the topnotch results it can provide, said another user.

Some users feel that it takes longer to shave all the hair completely, but this can be owed to the fact that it cleans the target area more effectively, compared to other shavers. It may have a smaller shaving head, but it holds so much power that it cuts more hair without leaving any stray hair behind, said one buyer. No matter how thick or how coarse your hair could get, the Braun Series 7 790cc gets the job done and leaves you a clean shave without any hassle, according to another user.


The Braun Series 7790cc is integrated with more features than most electric shavers in the market today. It does not require any complicated steps and processes to get a clean shave, and takes a lot of inconvenience and troubles away from your hands. Considering the price, it is quite expected since it has a lot of useful features that any shaver needs and addresses most problem areas that any guy is worried of. This best electric shaver deserves to be in any men’s top 3 list of electric shavers to own.

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