The Development of Men’s and Women’s Norelco Shavers

The many lines of Philips Norelco shavers have come a long way from there beginnings to incorporate lots of technology and features to provide a closer and more comfortable shaving experience.  In late 1940’s, Norelco was able to sell the 1st single headed rotary shaver in the USA when Gillette, known for its disposable razors dominated the industry in shaving. Norelco’s main rivals for electric shavers were the Sunbeam, Schick and the Remington shavers at that time. Now, the Norelco shavers have evolved from the designs of the early 20th century to include electric shavers for both men and women.  Even with these developments, Norelco products still use the patented rotating head designs that are known for their maneuverability and superiority among other oscillating heads on the market.

Norelco Shavers for Men

Looking at some of the available shavers for men can help you to better see these developments in shavers and trimmer.  For instance, Norelco has developed wet and dry shavers you can use in the shower that also have anti-grip slip to make them much easier to hold steady.  Also, some of these shavers are cordless and have pop up trimmers when you need to pay closer attention to details.  Of course, these features can vary according to each shaver, so you have to look at each one individually.

For example, there are shavers like the Spectra, SensoTouch, Reflex Plus and Arcitec that use precision cutting systems and lift and cut technology.  Features like the reflex action system prevents accidents while cord and cordless options provide convenience as well as safety for wet shavers.  Furthermore, Norelco makes these shavers easily washable to get rid of buildup and bacteria that can come into contact with the skin.  In addition to the development of the razors themselves, they also sometimes include other useful pieces such as ear and nose trimmers.

There are also other useful features such as the cleaning brush and hair collection chamber that helps you eliminate the mess even from the shortest stubble.  While the lift and cut technology helps you get a close shave that lifts hair from under the skin, you can also depend upon the floating heads with its larger shaving surface.  The cordless shavers work with a rechargeable battery and many have LED charger indicator to let you know when the charging is done.

Philips Norelco 1280X42 SensoTouch 3dIn addition to the shavers and trimmers, Norelco has also developed other accessories and attachments such as replacement heads and trimmers to help men who want to create and shape beards and goatees rather than shave off all the hair.  Of course, you can also consider some features special to certain lines of razors like the Arcitec shaver with Flex Tracker or the SensoTouch shaver with the GyroFlex 3D system to see what other developments Norelco has made in its shavers and trimmers made with men’s needs in mind.

Norelco shavers makes the best rotary shavers in the market today. Rotary shavers are well known for its maneuverability where you can shave the hard to reach facial areas that a foil shaver could miss. The Philips Norelco 1280X/42 SensoTouch 3d is Norelco’s top of the line shaver that receives high ratings from consumer.


Norelco Shavers for Women

Of course, women may also look at the Norelco shavers made specifically for them.  The women’s shavers are typically made very differently than the men’s but use the same technology to provide a close and comfortable shave in areas women tend to groom most.  As with the men’s lines of shavers, you need to consider the features of the women’s shavers to see how well they are developed for specific grooming habits.

Philips HP657650 Satin Perfect Deluxe EpilatorWomen have choices such as the Norelco HP6576/50 Women’s Satin Perfect Epilator.  This epilator can be used for wet and dry shaving and includes two trimmers that can help you get a close shave in the bikini area and under the arms.  The shaver also contours to the body and features an ergonomic design to give you a comfortable grip, which is especially useful for wet shaving.  The two-stage multi-blade cutting system helps you get the hair that is usually difficult to reach.

While the illuminating smart tweezers and textured ceramic discs make the HP6576/50 easy to use, you will also find that this epilator leaves your skin smooth.  This may be especially crucial for those with sensitive skin along with the extra wide head that lets you cover a larger area for a quicker shave.  This shaver takes only an hour to charge and the washable epilation head can be easily cleaned with the included cleaning brush.  It is also one of the Norelco shavers that is small enough for travel and comes with its own luxury pouch.

The HP6576/50 is one of the pricier Norelco shavers, but you can find it for nearly $100. Considering that it can keep your skin smooth for up to four weeks, this shaver may well be worth the cost.  However, you do need to consider other accessories. You can compare it to Single Foil Shavers that include sometimes three or six attachments like the epilator, eyebrow comb, micro trimmer, micro shaver, precision comb and precision trimmer if you are more comfortable grooming with clear attachments.

Other Features of Norelco Shavers

Norelco shavers not only use technology to make shaving easier and safer but also keeps in mind that you need a product that will last and work when you need it.  Most of these shavers come with warranties that lasts up to two years with the option to get extended warranty plans to further protect your investment.  You can also get up to an hour of use from a fully charged shaver.

You can also look at Norelco shavers that help with skin issues, especially sensitive skin.  Some razors have hypoallergenic foil that prevents bacteria and other impurities from getting to your skin via the razor.  There are also cool skin shavers that include a lotion dispensing system to moisturize and soothe your skin as you shave.  Furthermore, the lotion gives your skin an extra boost of nutrients and vitamins that keeps your skin healthy.

These are only a few of the features you will find in Norelco shavers that show how they have developed over the years.  Not only can you get a close and comfortable shave that does not irritate your skin, but it can also help your skin with the smoothing and moisturizing properties found in these razors.  Norelco shavers are definitely one of the top choices when choosing to own an electric shaver.

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