Which one to have: Electric Shaver vs Razor

Because shaving is part of every man’s routine, knowing the difference between the electric shaver vs the razor can be very helpful. They can produce very different results, and are also different as far as the process and method used are concerned. To make comparisons more efficient, let’s consider the differences between the electric shavers, cartridge razors and the double edge razors.

The Electric Shaver

The electric shaver could be the easiest one to use and shaves your hair quicker than any other tool can. Unlike manual razors, they roll up the skin and cut the hair as they are pulled up. In spite of its size and weight compared to manual razors, they tend to be portable and can be used anywhere you go as long as there is electricity or its batteries are full. Also part of its portability is the fact that it does not require any additional shaving accessories such as shaving brushes, nor does it need any solution like the shaving cream, gel, foam and soap before you can use it. It also reduces the possibility of nicks and cuts, and can be used over a long period of time with proper maintenance. Dry shaving are mostly done by the use of electric shavers.

electric shavers: rotary and foil shaver

However, using an electric shaver also means shaving more often because it does not shave the hair as closely to the roots as manual razors. This also means that the shaved area is usually a little rougher. It also takes some getting used to as electric razors tend to pull some of the hair out, which can be painful at first times. Another disadvantage of electric shavers is that it obviously makes some noise as compared to manual razors and would need batteries or an electric outlet for them to work. The electric shaver also needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and are more expensive compared to manual razors.

Because of the technology of electric shavers, it had notably reduced blood loss due to shaving but with the expense of closeness. By knowing some good tricks on using electric shavers efficiently, we could achieve a closer shave.

The Cartridge Razor

Cartridge RazorBecause this is a manual razor, it also means that it can shave closer compared to other kinds of razors. It is also very easy to use, easy to find and the blades are very easily replaced. When you consider the first purchase, it is definitely the cheapest option and is also the easiest to clean with no maintenance needed except for making sure that the blades are replaced before they become too dull.

There are a few disadvantages in using the cartridge razor, the first is that it makes shaving a longer process compared to using an electric shaver. Since when using a cartridge razor before shaving, it’s advisable to apply some lathering agents such as shaving cream, foam and soap before the process starts. So the preparation could take some time. The blades also dull quickly and would have to be replaced a few times each month (avg. 4-6 shaves), depending on how often you shave and how thick your hair is. Although replacement blades can be cheap, buying them over a long period of time can actually cost more once you check on how much you’ve spend on replacement blades alone in a year. It can also cause ingrown hairs and frequent nicks and cuts as the blades are very sharp and cuts very close to the skin. People should avoid rushing when using manual razors to avoid uncomfortable incidents.

The Double Edge Razor

Double Edge RazorThe double edge razor is a classic and would give you a feel of what shaving really should be about. Its blades are the cheapest, and once you find a perfect handle for it, your double edge razor can last a long period of time. It is great for those who usually get ingrown hairs from other kinds of shaving, as its single blade does not cut too close to the skin. Its blades also stay sharp for a longer period of time, and do not really require any maintenance except for regular cleaning.

Using a double edge razor needs some time to get used to it and can be quite difficult for first time users. A lot of men also think twice about it usually because of the fact that the blade is completely exposed, unlike other shaving methods where the blade doesn’t look as threatening. Its handle can also be quite expensive, although it will be worth it considering that you can use it for a long time.

Final Thoughts

With the number of choices that you have, it is entirely up to you on which tool you would prefer to use. Based on each one’s pros and cons, those on a budget who will not be able to spend a lot on the initial purchase would have to settle for a cartridge razor. However, if you’re thinking long term savings and would be willing to spend a lot initially, then you can choose between an electric shaver and a double edge razor.

Between the double edge razor and the electric shaver, one of the main points that you would have to consider is the length of time needed to shave. Prior to shaving when using a double edge razor would mean having to put on a shaving cream or soap and with the use of shaving brush. As compared to electric shavers that only needs an electric outlet or having the batteries fully recharged before you could shave. You also have to think about the results, when using a double edge would mean smoother skin after shave unlike the results of an electric shaver where closeness is a disadvantage.

At the end of the day, it is your convenience and preference that would make the decision for you. Electric shavers and the different manual razors have their own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s a matter of working on what do matters most to you and which disadvantages you can live with.

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